Cyber Security

  • With the age of technology, and the spread of modern communication mechanisms, new forms of crime have emerged, including the electronic crimes, which the perpetrators sought to inflict, damage, others, across multiple media (phone, email, etc.), which calls for everyone taking the necessary security precautions in the use of online media and communication, to protect themselves, and to ward off the objectives of the perpetrators of these crimes, and in this context, we offer Altoaaat, the following:
  • Cyber-blackmail
  • The cyber-blackmail is a big security threat for internet users. Hackers and cyber-criminals are thriving with fake profiles and Ids to make friendship by means of e-communication through which they catch our personal stuffs like photos, videos or other information. Exploiting these things which are usually related to the secrets of private life they will raise threat to surrender their.
    Chat rooms, mobile phones, blogs and email are to be tackled carefully to escape from the clutches of cyber-criminals. Blackmailing has various intentions like threats, harassment, hacking accounts, stealing and sharing confidential and sensitive information and emotional manipulation.
  • For your safety you should avoid uploading private information, photos and videos online, and opening suspicious messages and emails and should ensure our privacy settings are secure on social networking websites and never share your password.
  • Children should be monitored and made aware of the dangers hidden behind internet use whereas the teenagers are highly targeted by e-criminals and are victimized largely for cyber-blackmail. Educate them to not use their real photos as profile pictures on social networking sites, to make complex passwords and change their passwords regularly and ask about their activities online, who they talk to and what they talk about.