General Safety

  • Behavioral biases and misconduct lead to the tendency of committing crimes, violating laws and breaching the moral values and ethics. It may grow to threaten others. Here we would like to light up some messages aimed at strengthening the right behavior, and protecting the juveniles from delinquency. These awareness guidelines would help to ensure security of the community and the nation.

How to Protect Our Homes from Theft

  • Never keep large amount of money and jewels outside private lockers.
  • Always close all outer doors and windows.
  • Ensure security of home and, if possible, install alarm devices and surveillance cameras.
  • Keep money and valuable jewels in secure place which are not easily accessible.
  • Note strange persons coming to work in homes
  • Monitor servants inside home
  • Keep to residence and labour laws never deploy any person violating the law, like absconding labors and those who are not under the sponsorship of the home owner.

Safety Measures while Camping

  • The tent should have a fire extinguisher
  • Ensure the readiness of enough quantity of water
  • Inform someone before you set to travel to the camping place
  • Arrange cooking place away from the tent
  • Beware of sunstrokes
  • The tent should be made of nonflammable materials
  • Observe the weather condition before trave