Safe Travel

The general security measures play vital role in ensuring safety and security to the people in all aspects of life. It is important to keep all safety measures while in houses and during traveling.

Safety Measures for Sea Riders

  • Follow the guidelines of the General Directorate of Coasts and Borders Security.
  • Confirm safety of weather conditions and equip vehicles with safety devices.
  • Make sure that the watercraft is safe to ride and wrap the lanyard around your wrist.
  • People without experience and the children below legal age should not ride a watercraft.
  • Avoid riding watercraft in swimming and diving areas, lanes of ships or fishing vessels and areas of marine activities.
  • While riding the watercraft don’t make acrobatic exercises endangering your safety and safety of others.
  • Wear a life jacket while driving water scooters.
  • Dear Passenger,
  • Your passport is the important personal document to be secured and protected from loss or damage. It cannot be used by another person or mortgaged or used in any purpose other than its allotted purpose. Loss of passport exposed to many legal procedures and problems to your journey. Availability of passport guarantees you the security service of your country through its embassies and diplomatic missions.
  • Citizen the best ambassador of his home country
  • As the citizen is the best ambassador of his country he should be careful and attentive to keep his identity along with his official documents and personal belongings. It is necessary to be cautious in airports, in markets and other busy areas to avoid any risks and dangers.